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Did you know on average a collegiate coach moves 4 times during their career?

Sports Coach Relocation recognized this problem and was formed to assist Coaches and their respective families throughout the moving process.

We take the stress out of the move. We will identify a REALTOR® from our REALTOR® Network across the country. Our staff identifies multiple candidates, conduct interviews, then selects the best match for you. Finally we make the introduction and finalize the commitment.

Our scope of services doesn’t end here. Sports Coach Relocation has partnerships with national moving and storage companies and can also assist with securing a mortgage company.

Finally, in an effort to give back to the community and serve those who are less fortunate, Sports Coach Relocation will donate a portion of our commission to the charity of the moving coach's choice.

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Why should a coach use Sports Coach Relocation?

Sports Coach Relocation is a company that specifically caters to and understands the whole coaching/family/moving dynamic as Clark Jones, owner of Sports Coach Relocation use to coach collegiate baseball and was involved in several moves himself.

How does Sports Coach Relocation make the moving process easier?

Often times the whole moving process falls on the spouse causing lots of stress. By using Sports Coach Relocation, we are a "one stop shopping service". We manage the entire moving process from beginning to end. Coaches who move are focused on the new job, meeting new players, recruiting, etc.  The services we provide make the move and transition much smoother.

How are REALTORS® chosen?

Sports Coach Relocation has in place a vast network of REALTORS® all across the country. We initially interview the moving coach and identify the type of REALTOR®, and characteristics they're looking for in a REALTOR®. We then reach out to several potential REALTORS®, interview, and screen them. After this, we provide a couple names to the moving coach and together we choose the successful candidate to serve the specific needs of our moving coach.

What's the fee for using Sports Coach Relocation?

Sports Coach Relocation is a benefit provided to partnering sports organizations.  The beauty of our service is that our fees, with the exception of closing costs, are paid for by the listing agent and not incurred by the buyer.  Storage and moving company costs when using our sponsoring companies are provided to our clients at a significant discount.

Can Sports Coach Relocation help us sell our home too?

Yes, we can help you to both buy your new home and also to sell your existing home. Our goal is to make this process easy and stress free. During your initial consultation, if you indicate your need to have assistance in selling your home, we also can assist you with the sale of your home as well.

Other then choosing a REALTOR® what else does Sports Coach Relocation do?

We have a wide range of moving experiences. Our moving company has contracted with such organizations as the Arizona Cardinals, Arizona State University, St. Thomas University, and the Fiesta Bowl. We also have a partnership with PODS, in the event our clients need storage assistance. Finally, our partnership with Bay Equity enables our clients to benefit from the most competitive mortgage loan rates in the industry and is located nationwide.